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Meet your extended creative family.

Enābl is a design and web solutions company with 12 + years of experience in an array of fields. We specialize in UI (user-interface) + UX (user-experience) Design, Web Design & Development, Print Media Design, Apparel Design, Illustration, and Logo Design.

We serve our clients by adding value to their internal and/or external messaging and communications efforts through consultation, branding, advertising, design, collateral creation, and more; via digital and traditional media.


Anti-Goldilocks Approach

Our open-door philosophy doesn't deem any client or project too small or too big. We are versatile enough to adapt to any size project while maintaining the level of quality our customers expect. Unlike Goldilocks, we believe everything can be "just right."

Transparent Process

With our NEW client portal, you remain in the loop at all times as to your project's status. All of the documents, timelines, and information for your project reside in one easy to access place. See what's next in the process at all times!

Collaboration is Key

We pride ourselves on collaboration. We know that a successful final product cannot just be something *we* think works; it’s a team effort, which is why we work with our clients every step of the way. Our proven process has turned most of our clients into partners who trust Enābl to handle all creative decisions moving forward!

Or, Let Us Handle It.

We understand that business owners often desire the freedom to focus on what they do best and prefer not to worry about the creative stuff. Our experience and success with design and user-focused problem-solving have given us the confidence to take the driver’s seat with creative decisions, even taking them off your plate entirely, if that’s what you prefer!

Help, When Needed

For any skills that may not be in our immediate wheelhouse, we have built an extended family of expert-level collaborators to bring in when needed. Our standards are high, so anyone within our extended family has proven themselves to be equally proficient and trustworthy in their field. We even trust them enough to watch our pets, so you can feel safe knowing your project is always in good hands.

White-Label Friendly

We know that design, web and marketing/PR agencies can get overloaded with work on occasion from our time in the creative industry. This is why we also offer our services as white-labeled, meaning nobody will ever know you decided to get a little extra help from that ace up your sleeve; Enābl. We’re happy to communicate with your client as a member of your team, or simply work as a silent partner supplying the design or code for you to deliver confidently and on-time.


Enabl the World

Our Enābl The World initiative gives back to the community through a partnership with Greater Cleveland Food Bank — the first of many philanthropic partnerships we hope to foster. So far, we’ve provided over 5,500 warm meals to individuals in need.


Have Fun. Be Nice. Do Good. Design Well.

The culture we've fostered Enābl is one that you'd probably expect from children of the late 80s that grew up watching too many cartoons. We make sure everyone is always in a positive headspace and that a daily dose of humor is always shared. When we created Enābl, we set out to make sure it was different from the snobby or elitist design firms plaguing the creative industry. We pride ourselves on being empathetic and kind to everyone, not just those who are paying us.

A picture GIF is worth a thousand words

We are firm believers that a conversation is exponentially better when accompanied by a meme or emojis. It's not uncommon to catch us having entire conversations in GIFs. Oh, and this applies to professional emails also. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Dad Jokes Reign Supreme

Show us someone that doesn't appreciate a good dad joke, and we'll show you someone we probably don't get along with (but, not really, cuz we get along with everyone.) We grew up with some corny dads, and its a quality we are unabashedly grateful for inheriting.

Turtle Power!

We consider ourselves the perfect combination of all four Ninja Turtles; embodying Leonardo's loyalty, Raphael's determination, Donatello's problem solving, and Michaelangelo' for pizza.

Kindness Counts

If there's ever an opportunity to use our skills and offerings for the greater good, we always jump on it. We are firm believers in karma and we do our best to spread positivity everywhere we can.

Design Nerds First, Music Nerds Second

We take our tunes very seriously. If we aren't on a call or in a meeting with a client, there is a 100% chance we are rockin' out in Spotify or spinning a record on our office turntables. We've begun curating our own ever-growing Spotify playlist titled Enābl Radio. Check out what we're workin' to! 🤘

Fun Fact:  Co-Founder of Enābl, Jerrod Mercer, is not only a music nerd but also a musician himself. A drummer since childhood, he has played in multiple bands and can be found producing beats in his free-time under the moniker Metatron.

"You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement."

- Woodrow Wilson


From Campus Bike Rides
to Conference Call Design Briefs

From Campus Bike Rides to Conference Call Design Briefs

Enābl’s roots can be traced back to an internship during the summer of 2008 while our co-founders, Jerrod and Rick, were wet-behind-the-ears college seniors at Bowling Green State University. While they had been friends since their very first freshmen design class together, it wasn’t until this internship branding system project that they had the opportunity to truly work together from start to finish. The chemistry was unmistakable, and the idea of forming a company went from a fun idea to a serious reality.

During the months that followed, while their friends and peers spent their weekends partying and soaking up those last few opportunities to show off their best keg stand, you could find Jerrod and Rick cruising around town on their bikes or chillin’ in a campus apartment eating ramen noodles and having introspective conversations and scheming a way to forge their own path, to ultimately create a life doing what they love.

The day after graduation, Jerrod and Rick moved back to Cleveland, becoming roommates and transforming the living room of an apartment into the very first iteration of Enābl’s corporate “headquarters”.

Fast-Forward to Present Day

Since those days of dreaming, our co-founders’ drive and determination allowed them to grow into so much more — and take a few different forms along the way. We have seen the design industry evolve and we adapted right alongside of it, continuing to do so to this day. From designing logos pro-bono for family friends to working alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, we never forget the lessons we’ve learned along the way. 

That original team-up between our co-founders established what Enābl’s core value remains to this day, collaboration is key.

To Be Continued

Meet the


Jerrod Mercer

Managing Member | Zen Master

Rick Martin

Graphic Designer | Hip-Hop Nerd

Jerrod Mercer

Managing Member
Zen Master

Rick Martin

Graphic Designer
Hip-Hop Nerd


Too Long; Didn't Read

Enābl is not your stereotypical snobby design and web firm. We treat every client like they are family and every project as if it were very own. We value collaboration, communication, and creativity. Our versatility allows us to constantly mold and adapt to serve our industry and clients best, no matter the size or scope.

So, let's get the conversation started -- even if that conversation has nothing to do with design! (Hint: we love dad jokes.) Email us today, at


Let's Work Together!

Whether you have a project that needs some creative boosters, you're a creative that would like to join our extended family, or you simply just want to chat about the best hip-hop, cartoons or videogames of the 90s — we'd truly love to hear from you!

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